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  • What is a Well Built Human?

    We Make People Better
  • What is a Well Built Human?

    We Make People Better

Choose Your Path

I’m about empowering a person to get better, and they can’t get better until they begin to program themselves better, to think better, and then to act better. When I can help YOU do that, the results will happen. It all starts with your path.

Well Built Human

  • Online Kettlebell Coaching
  • Kettlebell Group Fitness Class
  • Manhood Mentorship
  • Team Character Consulting
  • Nutrition/Supplement Coaching

Brandon genuinely cares about people becoming the best versions of themselves, and I’m a better me, because of him.

Who Needs Our Services?

  • People seeking fitness and nutrition advice.
  • People seeking spiritual advice.
  • People seeking purpose in life.
  • Young athletes needing mentoring.
  • Young men needing mentoring.

The amount of knowledge/care one receives by working with Brandon exceeds every local corporate “gym” in the America.