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How to Be More Efficient Everywhere

How to be a more efficient athlete.

Time is something we all value immensely; yet, we all waste so much of it. Why? This post is going to unravel some of those mysteries in several areas of our lives. Four steps to be more efficient in your life. Dont waste anymore of your valuable time and learn to be the most efficient you today.

What is More Efficient Faith Mean?

Many people wander for years (me included) trying to figure out what their purpose is in this life. However, that’s all most of us do is wander and ask all the wrong people the right questions. I’m certainly not saying I have the answer for your purpose, but I know where I found mind. Jesus.

Start asking the right questions to the right sources and you won’t waste so many years. Efficiency!

Family Efficiency

Efficiency in relationships is a challenging topic, because you can’t cut corners in relationships. On the other hand, there are ways to be efficient with family and friends. Here’s how, evaluate the quality of those relationships and the value of them. Relationships are supposed to sharpen one another and be life-giving.

If they aren’t providing those things don’t waste time in them. Always love the person, but be willing to protect where you are headed. Efficiency!


what is workout efficiency

It amazes me how many hours people will spend drudgingly trodding away on a treadmill, elliptical, or doing yoga and expecting those modes of exercise to provide efficiency in time and results. The purpose is to have more time and more results, yes?!

Hands down the research has shown that strength training, interval training, and metabolic resistance training to be superior at producing the body compositional changes the vast majority of people are seeking, yet the people actually doing those things are the vast minority.

Not only will you spend less time doing the actual workouts, you’ll get results faster. Combine that with lean eating habits and good supplements (you know what I recommend) you can really speed up this process. Efficiency!


This is another challenging one. Why do so many people waste so much time in positions where they feel insignificant, underpaid, and overworked? This leads to the process of dreams dying and circumstantial living. The excuses start to fly about how I don’t have time for this or I don’t have money for that. Sounds harsh right? But isn’t it true?

The truth is that yes you do have time. Chances are you are wasting some time with things that no longer bring value to your life. I used to live for the weekend to go whoop it up with friends. But that didn’t help my situation in the slightest; it worsened it.

I used to play baseball in the summers; I stopped. Why? Because my dreams were more important than those 3-4 games per week reliving the glory days. I chose for my glory days to lie ahead. I ditched cable TV. Gasp!!!! Guess how much you really miss it once it is gone? Zilch.

Right there I easily amassed 20(+) extra hours/week to design my future and the life I always dreamed of:; a life of significance and freedoms. A life that challenged me to become the best version of myself and then to pay it forward to others.

Be efficient in your life. Trim the fat in your life and build the muscle of your dreams.