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Dont be a lollygagger

Lollygaggin’ is a term my ‘ol man used to use when I was taking my time getting ready for church, or when lagging behind him in the woods when hunting, or when doing a chore around the house, or when giving a halfhearted effort in a particular sport. I wasn’t sure what lollygaggin meant, but I did know that it wasn’t a compliment so I improved whatever task it was that I was lollygaggin at.

You can find the definition on your own, it’s in the dictionary. But my definition is to the lollygagg(ER) not the act of lollygagg(ING).

Lollygagger: One who half-heartedly goes about the tasks they engage in. The lollygagger says the right things to the right people at the right time, but everyone knows the lollygagger’s words won’t match up with his actions. The lollygagger gives the illusion of effort so he/she can say “I tried” and rationalize their reasons for quitting.

Don’t be a lollygagger in life. Live with intent. Every decision you make, run it through your moral compass; if you don’t have one, find someone who does and run decisions by them until you can trust your inner moral compass. Live intentionally, not circumstantially…only lollygaggers complain of everything they lack versus everything that is still yet to gain.

Read this aloud: “I will not lollygag in my faith, in my family, in my relationships, in my business, and in my recreation. With everything that I choose to do I will do my best simply because everything I do represents who I am and who created me……I will no longer be a LOLLYGAGGER!” (Scream)