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The Negatives Of Procrastination

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There is a “should, woulda, coulda” component to every facet of life. I shoulda went to college….I shoulda asked that girl on a date….I shoulda stayed out for that sport…i shoulda said yes to that opportunity….i shoulda stayed in shape after my playing day were over…and the list goes on and on and on.

What if you become a doer? What if you just took action without paying attention to the mind gremilins saying you aren’t good eneough, you don’t have enough time, you are too busy for that.

I can tell you one thing, there are only so many days you have on this earth to build a legacy, to be healthy, to be vibrant, to be helpful to others, and to make an impact on this world. to some this may be a bit “altruistic,” but that’s their problem.

To put a spin on your health and fitness, quit procrastinating. quit lying to yourself and saying you are too busy to work out, or your job doesn’t allow you to eat healthy, or whatever other rationalized reason that you’ve used recently.

If you think the pain of taking action is too much for you, wait until you are forced by future circumstances to feel the pain that comes from having not acted when you could have and should
have.” Ron Reynolds