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Top 3 Lifts for Bowhunters

There’s a cool trend happening in the bowhunting world. It doesn’t have to do with a fancy new cam system. It doesn’t have to do with a new camo pattern. It doesn’t even have to do with a more lethal broadhead.

The bowhunter himself (or herself) is become more dangerously fit

  1. They are logging more hours in the field…..because they can.
  2. They are venturing to better hunting locations…..because they can.
  3. They are drawing back greater poundage on their bows…..because they can.
  4. They are covering more ground to stalk down their prey…..because they can.

This is exciting for a guy who, is slightly obsessed with hunting and fishing, and also promotes health and fitness to every single human. A Well Built Hunter is not only harder to kill himself, but also makes him better at killing. So as these bowmen and women are getting more fit, having some direction to their training matters. If athletes have training regimens that prepare them for their sport, so should a bowhunter have a training regimen that prepare them for the demands of the hunt.

So here’s 3 Kettlebell exercises that must find their way into your training program:

1. KB Clean + Goblet Squat: For overall power development and strength.

2. Sumo Alternating Kettlebell Row: Simulates the push/pull sequence of drawing back with a bow.

3. 1/2 Rack Lunges: Hiking and carrying unbalanced gear is much like this exercise.

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