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The $300 Home Gym


Do you really need to go to a gym to get a great workout?

Some people do. Some people need the community and accountability that comes along with that. Heck, I coach several communities that rely on me to help build that community and accountability. But then there’s a whole slough of people that are really self-conscious, which is an entire blog post in and of itself, and don’t want to be seen working out. And then there’s another slough of people that have the intrinsic motivation to be a lone grinder. Personally, I’m a lone ranger when it comes to working out. I can certainly function just fine amongst a fitness community; however, I just prefer for it to be me, my jams, and get my iron therapy game on.

When it comes to working out at home, there are a lot of benefits, so long as you get the work in. It’s less expensive that a gym membership, you get to shower in your own home, and you can be as weird as you want to be. I sing at the top of my lungs, play air guitar, and use my PVC pipe as a microphone.

It only take a few tools to build your body in a way that can make you incredibly strong and fit. Feel free to use the links to build your own gym for under $300.

    1. Kettlebells: A great place to start for men is using a 16kg kettlebell, and for women a 12kg kettlebell. ($100-ish bucks)
    2. Mounted Pull-Up Bar: You can get a doorway one for cheaper if you’re already a strong pull-up-er person. In that case get one of these bad boys: Doorway Pull-Up Bar. However, the mounted pull-up bars are sure to last a very long time. ($70-ish bucks)
    3. Ab Power Wheel: Planks and other stabilizing exercises are great, but this tool, the power wheel allows for you to strength train your trunk. This is an often over-looked piece of the puzzle for functional training. ($50-ish)
    4. TRX Slam Ball: Having a medicine ball opens the door to hundreds of exercises that you can do indoors or outdoors and once again allows for power development and rotational strength/power, which again is often overlooked and under trained. A good weight for women is 10 pounds and a good weight for men is 20 pounds to begin with. ($35ish)

With a little bit of learning or even being part of the Ketllebell Collective, you can take these tools, train at home, get dangerously fit, and even have the community if you’d like by training with us via FB Live. Win-win right?

Or, you can just be a recluse, grinding it out day in and day out, until the warmth of summer is upon us, and you climb out of your personal workout dungeon and show the rest of the world how you’ve metamorphosized with primitive tool that never fail to produce results.

And you did it for all less than $200. You super minimalist animal you.

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