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The Top 10 Supplements

This isn’t going to be the article that you’re thinking it will be. While I believe in nutritional supplements being incredibly clutch and having their permanence in a healthy lifestyle, these 10 supplements are likely even more important to living a healthy and positive life.

1. Instead of TV, supplement a personal development book: When you look at the end of your life, will you wish you would have watched more TV? There’s always the person that will say a rebuttal like, “will I wish I would’ve read more books?” I get their point, but to answer their question, the answer is YES! The right kind of books will add so much value to your life and your enhanced thinking will lead to much better results in life.

2. Instead of the couch, supplement a squat rack: The point, get off your butt. Yeah, you may stand on your feet all day long at work, or have a manual labor job and feel like you’re entitled to the couch and a beer at the end of the day, but you’re not. Get some quality movement in and keep your body healthy.

3. Instead of gossip, supplement encouragement: Listen, talking poorly about people behind their back is the first thing to do that ruins your own reputation and integrity. Some people are so good at this, that they will be very persistent in drawing it out of you. Misery loves company and a gossiper loves another gossiper. Resist this and aim to see everyone as God does, which is in love. This is very challenging!

4. Instead of blame, supplement responsibility: The person staring back at you in the mirror is more responsible for your results in life than any president, teacher, coach, parent, etc…..until you learn to take responsibility for your circumstances, you will continue to never have the power to change.

5. Instead of words, supplement action: Know that person who always says they are going to do this, or do that, yet it never happens and a really good excuse accompanies their reason for not making it happen? Know a person who is flaky and you can really never trust if they are going to do what they say they are going to do? Well, don’t be those people. Be a person of action, and ALWAYS aim to do what you say you are going to do. Once you commit to this, you’ll have a hard time backing out from even the little things. You will gain a lot of influence in your life with this supplement.

6. Instead of security, supplement adventure: Go after the dreams God placed in your heart. Go give yourself away and serve others. I read this meme on facebook the other day and couldn’t agree more; it read, “get outside the same 10 people in your hometown and the same 2 bars, there’s a whole world out there!” I love my hometown, but to not experience more of what there is to offer in life will be a huge regret when it’s all said and done.

7. Instead of comfort, supplement your dreams: See number 7, basically the same thing just a different one liner.

8. Instead of debt, supplement delayed gratification: Some people will say that there’s such a thing as “good debt.” Really? I get it, sometimes we need to borrow money to have a vehicle or get an education, etc……but debt should be hated and avoided at all costs. If you can’t pay for it in full and you don’t absolutely NEED it, then don’t finance the darn thing. I wish I would’ve learned this lesson earlier in life. Loans are a big drag and lots of financial burdens could have been avoided.

9. Instead of lack, supplement gain: This is a lens in how you view the world. Do you believe life happens to you, or do you believe life happens for you? If you want to have happy and fulfilled life, you must have an abundance mentality and not a scarcity mentality. There’s so much to do, achieve, impact, give, and receive in our world to think it’s scarce.

10. Instead of fear, supplement faith: We live in a fallen world and there’s a hero in this story that has conquered the world, sin, and death. You already know who this person is that I’m referring to, but do you really know Him? I’m not talking about having water sprinkled on you when you were a baby, or that you were confirmed. I had those things done too, but I never knew Him and had accepted Him into my heart. This is HUGE and unfortunately the only the reason it’s number 10 is because if it was number 1, it’s quite possible you wouldn’t have read further. This is the most important decision you will ever make in life. What are you going to do with Jesus and the cross? Supplement faith is my encouragement. I don’t think anyone, in their truest of hearts wants anything to do with the alternative.

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