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About Time

“I love my job” 🤥
I hear that a lot. And I think I get it. But is it really “love?” It’s much more likely a “like my job” if we really think about it. Or maybe it’s just me and I’m the weirdo 🤪. I’m ok with that.
I LOVE Jesus.
I LOVE my wife.
I LOVE my kids.
I LOVE my family.
I LOVE my friends.
I LOVE hunting and fishing.
I also love lamp. 💡
I mean I’ve had jobs that I enjoyed. But loved? I can’t say I’ve ever been able to attach the word “love” with any job I’ve had. It always boiled back down to this for me.
It’s about time.
The job I most enjoyed, not “loved,” was working as a pro baseball strength coach for my favorite team. Sounds about as close one can get to “twu wuv” in the job sense right? Wrong. For me anyway. I worked at least 60 hrs/week. Oftentimes more. That equates to about 35% of my week. But it wasn’t just about the 35% of my week that kept me asking myself this question that I think a lot of people ask themselves…..”Is this really it?” It’s about the 35% OF MY LIFE that got to me. Because if nothing changed, that meant of the next 35 years of my life, 12.25 years was going to be spent AT WORK.
And let’s be clear, 8 hrs/day I’m sleeping, which equates to about 33% of my life. So what that really meant was of my waking hours, 67% of the time, OVER HALF of my total waking hours was going to be spent at work.
• Being told when I had to be there and when I could leave.
• Being told how much vacation I had, and IF it was even paid vacation.
• Living a “hi & bye” relationship with my bride
• Having to pay ever-increasing daycare costs. In full transparency never had to do that. But I hear how often one spouse literally works just to earn enough to pay for this. Doesn’t make sense to me. But then again, I’m a weirdo and this is my perspective.
Now some of you reading this will have varying reactions, from offense to defense, because you’ll probably do some similar math and have some sobering moments about your life and time. I think it’s good to be sober, so maybe we can at least agree on that.
My hope is that it inspires you, not depresses you. It’s amazing what the homo sapiens can do when they put their minds to the change process and attach it to a dream and goal. We all have to work, yes. But I believe it’s all about becoming efficient. Just like exercise and nutrition. I believe I possess the most efficient strategies to maintain a healthy and fit life. That philosophy has been transferred into my income earning strategies also.
Getting the maximum benefit in the least amount of time possible.
This leads to more of that precious currency we all commonly refer to as……………

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