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9 Food Items You Probably Didn’t Stock Up On

Truthfully, we haven’t panicked in our household over the COVID-19 outbreak. Why is that? I believe there are certain things we can control, and other things that are outside of our control. If we control the things that we can control, then there’s peace in knowing we are doing what we can. Additionally, we have our faith solidified in Jesus, so even if the absolute worst case scenario happens, we gain Heaven. So, needless to say, we didn’t stock up on toilet paper and loaves of bread. In fact I find that really interesting, why would a Well Built Human do such a thing?

Anywho, I figured, being the health and fitness guy and all, that I’d provide a much simpler grocery list for you that you can either shop for at the store, or order online. You see, when I think about food and nutrition, I view it from a different lens than you most likely. Due to our obesity epidemic in our country, it left the grocery stores void of rather non-nutritious food items. So if you’re in this predicament again, here’s 9 items that you should stock up on that will provide NOT just nutrition, but good well-rounded nutrition for you and your loved ones:

  1. Oats – Most people ran for the bread aisle, you can bet you’ll find oats available in most places.

  2. Rice – Again, most skipped this nutritious carbohydrate that you can buy in 5 gallon buckets for cheap.

  3. Eggs – Highly nutritious and great protein option. People who don’t understand nutrition are going to really miss out on getting enough protein.

  4. Chicken – Again, cheap and great source of protein.

  5. Frozen Fruit – Will keep much longer than fresh produce and is nearly just as nutritious.

  6. Frozen Veggies – Same as the fruit above.

  7. Nut Butters – Highly nutritious and excellent source of fat and lots of calorie if times get tough.

  8. Protein Powder – May I make a shameless plug at the stuff we use and sell? Highly nutritious, great quality, and incredible taste: Click HERE

  9. Functional Food Powder – This product fills vitamin and mineral gaps, tastes great (go MANGO) and provides TONS of additional nutrients that you just won’t get through food that enhances your wellness, energy, and reduces stress. It’s a hero product and very economical. Click HERE.

Conventional wisdom isn’t so conventional when it comes to nutrition. Just look around you.

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