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5 Reasons for the Kettlebell Shortage

It took a pandemic for the rest of the world to realize the power of kettlebells. Also, if you live in the United States of America, we’ve been outsourcing basically all fitness equipment manufacturing overseas for years, in particular, China. Moving on, the reasons why I’ve transitioned to using KBs for the last 8 years or so are the same reasons everyone is flocking to them right now:

  1. You can accomplish nearly every aspect of fitness with one tool.
    1. Strength? Yep.
    2. Muscle endurance? 100%
    3. Stability? Without a doubt.
    4. Core strength? No question.
    5. Cardiovascular conditioning? For sure.
    6. Power? Absolutely.
    7. Fat loss? Probably it’s best feature.
  2. They are economical. You might question that and say, “are you kidding me dude? They are expensive!” “Compared to what?” Would be my response. When you can accomplish everything with a single kettlebell or a set of them, they are the most economical fitness tool available.
  3. They are efficient. Most kettlebell workouts can be completed in less than 30 minutes and accomplish numerous qualities of fitness simultaneously.
  4. They are fun. You’ve got to train with them to understand how fun they are to train with. As a strength coach who has dabbled with nearly every form of resistance, it always comes back to kettlebells for me. Call me a bit of a minimalist, but if I can accomplish as much, if not more, than the next guy with less equipment in less time, I’m all about that life.
  5. Functionality is unparalleled. The transfer of training from KBs to sport and everyday life is very difficult to match.

Make sure you know how to use these bad boys, and with the lack of human interaction, make sure to find yourself a community of other kettlebell slangers that you can virtually hang, slang, and get stronger with. If you don’t have one that you’re already part of, join us in the kettlebell collective. Oh, and one last thing, I’ve found a spot where there are plenty of kettlebells left! Head HERE


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