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5 Ways to Lose During Quarantine

It’s really interesting…..this whole quarantine, pandemic, epidemic, or whatever you call it. Now, I don’t expect everyone to have the same worldview as me, that sure would make life pretty boring, but I think we can all agree that what’s going on sure is, for lack of a better way to put it, interesting. It’s interesting how there are so many various responses to the same stimulus. Some a scared to death of death. Others like to “piss and moan” (as my Dad would put it) because that’s what those people do about most things…..they piss and moan. While others still are finding joy and a re-calibration of sorts.

As an eternal optimist, I have to believe that everyone wants a good outcome from this, and guess what, there’s that possibility for everyone believe it or not! However, like all things in life, it is a choice! God gave us the power for free will, remember? But, if you’re the type that just really likes to piss and moan, well, this top 5 list is for you. You may already have this down pat, but just in case, I want to make sure you’re covered.

  1. Rely on the media for all of your information

  2. Blame everything on the President

  3. Focus on the negative

  4. Be lazy

  5. Stay the same

Let’s break each one down a little bit:

  1. This is a really good strategy, especially when you pick a media outlet that completely suits your worldview and feeds you everything to further support your confirmation bias, which is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.
  2. You’re absolutely right, you have no control over your life. The President, past, present, and future, will always be the reason you’re unhappy and not achieving the success that continues to elude you.
  3. The grass is greenest where you water it right? So, be sure to focus on the glass being half empty, I mean can you believe it!? The cup used to be full, and some god-awful someone drank 9oz of that 16oz beverage. The nerve!
  4. Sit behind a desk all day, and because that isn’t enough, make sure that couch has a good butt sweat spot on it. Oh, and make sure to sigh and be annoyed when you sit down and realize that the Roku remote is by the TV and you have to get up and get it. What a drag.
  5. You were one way when all of the COVID-19 crap started up, you best be sure that you’re the same when you come out of it. You were negative, cynical, and Burgentown was your favorite place. Darn skippy, you make sure to stay the same.

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