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The “Quarantine 18”

Getting, and more importantly staying, healthy really isn’t that hard.

The reality of most people’s displeasure with their current state of affairs with their health is NOT because it is too hard. It is because bad habits have persisted for too long. What if you could adopt good habits?! Hmmm… If your choices have led you to an unhealthy place, isn’t likely and quite probable, that your choices could lead you to a healthy place?

The answer is YES!

So, have a feeling of empowerment. You are much more capable than you realize. You can control the controllables, and make them your bee-ah-tch. Yup. Just imagine for a second, that day. “What day?” You’re probably asking yourself. That day that you nailed it. When it became habit. When you woke up, and it is as if you are on autopilot of great decision making mode. The good habits have become like brushing your teeth and making your bed. You do not even have to think about it. It just happens.

This is the sweet spot folks. The problem is, chances are you are in a place where you do the opposite. You are on autopilot mode of poor decision making mode. Without any thought, you swing through your local gas station, grab a coffee, doughnut, and “breakfast sandwich.” You don’t eat for 6 more hours, get ravenously hungry, and throw in a frozen pizza, then proceed to dominate it while still being hungry. Then you don’t eat for another 6 hours, get ravenously hungry, then order out because, ya know, support local business right!?

R-i-i-i-ght. Good call.

PS: I’m all about supporting local business, and we do our fair share, but don’t fall into the “quarantine 18” trap.

Perhaps you have heard the term, the freshman 15? Well this is basically the same thing plug 3 pounds. It’s that moment in time when you went to “shelter in place” and somehow there was this extra 18lbs placed upon you.

“Stupid government!” You may say. “Stupid China,” you may shout! “Stupid Virus!” You may exclaim!

No, “stupid you.”

Look, I don’t think you are stupid. Remember, I think you are much more capable than you could ever realize. But I do think that just maybe, you aren’t doing your best. That perhaps you are making excuses? “Yeah but…..”

No “Yabbuts!”

Own up, then (wo)man up.

What if you could begin implementing these habits?

  1. Begin making your food, not having it made for you all the time.

  2. Do not drink empty calories.

  3. Strength train 3 times per week.

  4. Read a personal development book before bed instead of TV.

  5. Choose your friends wisely.

If you did those 5 things, you’d be amazed at the progress you’d make.

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