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Special Strength: Lessons from Livia

Well, it is finished folks!

Thank you for the encouragement to follow through on this, and thank you to those who kept giving me a dose of my own medicine by asking for a release date and when they could get their hands on Livia’s book. I’m sure you were merely excited to read it, but I took it as “finish the book, Brandon!”

I needed that push, so again, on behalf of Livia and I, THANK YOU!

Livia and I have prayed over this book over and over again, and whatever the Lord has in store for it, we know that it will impact people on a deep level. Writing this book has been a journey for both Livia and I. It has brought us even closer together, and it certainly has taken me on a deeper faith journey. There were times when weeks or months would go by and I felt like a new lesson hadn’t smacked me between the eyes. I didn’t want to force any lessons to be written just for finishing the book’s sake, but what I found during the process of waiting for a lesson I would be reminding of lessons I’ve already learned. It would happen while watching my beautiful wife or my kids interact with Livia. It would also happen when reading the Bible in the morning. Then again there were other times I would have a dream about Livia and wake up with one of her lessons on my heart.

However it all happened, it happened!

Livia and I are proud to bring to you, Special Strength: Lessons from Livia: 


Thank you in advance for reading the book, sharing the book, and posting a review on Amazon. We have a feeling that during a crazy time in our world, Livia’s beautiful lessons could make a powerful ripple towards bringing about changes that we all hope to see in our world.

Yours truly,

Livia & Brandon


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