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National Epilepsy Awareness Month

I’ll be honest, until this year, I didn’t know that November was National Epilepsy Awareness Month. That’s kind of sad since I’ve been blessed with a daughter now for 5 years who possesses a rare form of epilepsy, KCNQ2 Epileptic Encephalopathy. In any event, once we learned of this, we wanted to make a difference in helping raise awareness of the condition, as well as help raise funds for research for a cure for Livia’s specific condition.

1 in 26 people are personally impacted by epilepsy in their lifetime, which means that collectively many families and friends are also affected. Collectively, we can develop compassion as well as help raise funds to make a great impact. At Well Built Humans, we are passionate about a lot of things. Faith, family, personal development, fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. So for the month of November, we’d like to encourage varying ways to donate to the cause. You can donate directly to the KCNQ2 Cure Alliance, or if you’re looking for some sweet swag, an awesome book, some kettlebells, or even some secret “body remedy” muscle/joint pain relief salve we’ve been working on, we will donate $5 of every purchase to the cause.

Follow the directions below:

  1. Donate directly: https://www.kcnq2cure.org/donate/
  2. Get an awesome book: www.wellbuilthumans.com/specialstrength
  3. Get some Well Built Humans Apparel: www.wellbuilthumans.com/well-built-humans-apparel
  4. Get your butt in shape with the best fitness tool available: www.wellbuiltkettlebells.com
  5. Want some of the secret salve? Gotta message us!

Thanks in advance for contributing to a great cause!