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What kind of change can you make in 60 days?

Can 60 days change your life? absolutely, especially when it gives you the tools to be successful for the next 6,000 days.

Starting 9/13 I will be launching a Let’s Do This Challenge group. Basically allowing for a week or so of getting back into the school season routine for families, and then it’s time for you to get locked in and laser focused on getting yourself healthy.
I’m not looking for anyone and everyone. Just 10 dudes that need help. But not just any dudes, I’m looking for the special demographic of middle aged men who want to drop 15lbs of body fat in a sustainable fashion. They must be coachable, open minded, and ready to change.
I’m not your average Coach.
I will help you change your life, but I’m not gonna spoon feed you either. I’m not particularly fond of excuses of any kind and I will call you out on yours.
If you’re interested men, comment below with “LET’S DO THIS,” and I’ll follow up with you.
*I may make an exception for middle aged women. If that’s you, message me and we’ll determine if it’s a good fit. I’m not particularly fond of excuses of any kind and I will call you out on yours also. 

Here’s a snapshot at the daily rules. If you cannot or do not want to follow these, then this challenge isn’t for you.

Developing healthy habits are the secret to living a life of success with your health and fitness. To take responsibility for your own health, be proactive, and  not outsource it to the reactive medical community is the huge, giant elephant in the room that everyone tends to ignore. 

What makes this challenge so different is you have to address your mindset during this challenge and you have to learn. Most “challenges” rely on a restrictive approach with little to no education to teach a person how to be successful on-going with or without the coach’s help, which only perpetuates the yo-yo cycle that is so prevalent in many people’s lives.

Interestingly, despite what looks like a lot of hard work, the success rate on the LTD Challenge has been remarkably high. Yes, some didn’t succeed and quit on themselves…..again. That will always happen. However, what I find in coaching people of all ages, including kids, that if you provide high quality coaching provided with high expectations, tough love, humor, mindset training, and education, humans thrive. It may be true that some people need more coddling, I’m just not the coddling type. So if you want your coaching with a bowl of ice cream and cherries on top, go find that type of coach. 

A little psychology of what I’m doing with the writings above it talk you out of coaching with me. If you’ve made it this far, you may be ready. If I’ve scared you away, then my plan is working 😉

Wonder what you can accomplish in 60 days?

If you’re still with me, then you might be a candidate. Here’s what you need to do in order to be considered for the 10 people I’m willing to work with.

Reply to this e-mail with the response, “let’s do this.”

I’ll contact you from there.