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What in the world do I get for that crazy fitness person?

While you’re at it, you just may want to get two of everything. One for that crazy fitness person, and then one for yourself.

The fitness lifestyle person is a completely different animal. I get it. If you’re not a fitness lifestyle person, it may be difficult to relate to such a specie, so that’s why I wrote this article, to help you understand what may be a good gift idea for them.

Gift Idea #1: An American made kettlebell

You may not think it matters where a piece of fitness equipment is made, or if it’s of very high quality, but a fitness person likely does. Just like anything else, the design and feel of a piece of equipment that is used frequently matters a great deal. Just ask a good carpenter if the quality of his tool matter to him?

The kettlebell in this image is made right here in the USA and is bulletproof. Any man or woman on that fitness lifestyle would be stoked with such a gift. Wondering what weight to get them? For men, a standard is 24kg/53lbs. For women, a standard is 16kg/35lbs. Depending upon the price point of your gift giving, a pair of these would be ultra cool. A single would be cool.

Gift Idea #2: A Unique Fitness Backpack that nobody else has

People who live the fitness lifestyle, often don’t go on vacations or weekend getaways without a plan of attack for their fitness. Many will choose hotels based upon the quality of the hotel’s fitness center, and even more are just bringing their fitness tools with them, so long as they can carry it on the plane or carry it in backpack. 

This backpack featured in the image above and in the images below, has enough storage space for a few days worth of outfits, toiletries, electronics, laptop, and more importantly, your kettlebell strapped inside! Now it doesn’t matter if you choose a dive hotel or not. You could be going camping with no access to any gym, but when you have access to your kettlebell, gymnastic rings/TRX, and jump rope because you packed them away in your kettlebell backpack, you’re golden.

Heavy Duty

Soft pocket for electronics

Outer pouch for training shoes

Pockets for important documents, toiletries, and other items to secure

Custom Foam Mold and Straps to hold kettlebell

Padded Straps and Low Back Pad for Added Comfort

Gift Idea #3: Quality Supplements that they haven’t tried before

USA Made Supplements

USA Made Supplements

USA Made Supplements

Another thing that you may not be aware of, is that fitness lifestyle folks care about what they put into their body. NEWS FLASH RIGHT!? But this doesn’t just mean the food they put into their bodies, but also the supplements they choose. Like any and all industries, quality matters. You won’t find many fitness lifestyle people shopping at Wal-Mart, Costco, and Generic Nutrition Centers for their supplements because they understand where to look for quality protein, greens, creatine, fish oil, glutamine, and pre-workouts.

Gift Idea #4: Fitness Lifestyle Apparel

Despite what you may think if you’re not living the fitness lifestyle, the apparel they wear tends to reflect their confidence; additionally, they recognize quality apparel fits better, stretches better, and is just plain much more comfortable. It’s not just a vanity thing, although that may play a small role in it, but someone who invests time and energy into their health and well being, they are also willing to invest in quality apparel that reflects the work that they’ve put in. That may mean the apparel comes at a higher price point than what you find at ‘ol wally world, but that’s just the way it iz Liz.

So whether it’s a cool, unique hoodie, or a leggings, tank tops, or training shoes, here’s a couple brands that you provide good stuff.

1. Hoodies: www.flanouflage.com

2. Everything else: www.hylete.com