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Well Built Humans by Brandon LaRue
Our Story

Meet Brandon LaRue

Call me Brandon, call me coach, call me friend, but no need to go the Mr. LaRue route.

So, a little about me eh? I’m a man of passion, integrity, and virtue. I desire to be great, first at being a great husband to my wife, second to be a great father to my children, third to be a great friend, and fourth to be a greatness extractor of you.


For over 13 years I have been coaching others to get better……better at what? Better at life to be honest. While my educational background and numerous certifications may try to pigeon-hole me into a “strength coach” or a “personal trainer” I don’t let a title identify what I’m really about. You see, I’m about personal development and leadership. I’m about empowering, NOT ENABLING, you to get better, and the truth of the matter is, you can’t get better until you begin to program yourself better, so you can think better, and so you can act better.

When I can help YOU do that, the results will happen.

Well Built Humans by Brandon La Rue
Well Built Humans by Brandon La Rue

Why Did We Start Well Built Humans?

For the better part of a decade I participated in a leadership based company where health, fitness, and nutrition was the product, but the environment in which it was taught brought about personal development, leadership, and character unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I was a product of that environment and humbly became a leader whom many others sought advice and wisdom from in multiple areas of life. Helping others extract their own greatness from within has become my life’s mission.
When one door closes, another door always opens.
Well Built Humans

What Makes Us Different?

Authenticity. Plain and simple.

I won’t try to be someone I’m not, and you’ll begin to realize we probably have much in common so we will be able relate to each other. But know this, I’m very good at helping others. I’m very good at helping people with many things, and I have full assurance and confidence in this mission that has been placed in my heart.

Oh, and one other thing, there’s a high likelihood that I won’t tell you what you want to hear, but it’ll be what you likely need to hear; and guess what? We will probably become friends because I’ll tell you the truth. Embrace the tough to swallow truth delivered in love and together we can make groundbreaking progress.

Want to Know More?

Well Built Humans offers a variety of programs including online training, in-person fitness classes, mentorship programs, team-building, and supplement/nutrition coaching. We offer everything you need to become a better human.