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kettlebell backpack

Bring it and Swing it
Kettlebell Backpack

Kettlebell Backpack

Bring it and Swing it

Kettlebell Backpack

Bring it and swing it

take your training with you

Never leave your kettlebell behind again. Bring it with you on vacation, on a hike, to the beach, to the park, or anywhere else you wish to train. The world has now become your gym.

Comfortably carry your kettlebell with you anywhere

Improve your consistency and never lose training momentum from work trips or vacations. Pack your kettlebell, jump rope, training shoes, bands, shoes, laptop, shades, and several days worth of clothes in the kettlebell backpack.

Use kettlebell backpack for weighted hiking & training excursions

Whether for some active recovery, training, or preparing for a hunt or hike out in the mountains, pack your kettlebell with you. With it’s hydration bladder holder, stay hydrated while on the hike.

Remove kettlebell holding system to use as a regular military grade backpack.

Don’t need to bring your kettlebell? Remove the KBS (kettlebell holding system) from the backpack and have space to pack for a week’s vacation.


 International customers are responsible for any duties/import taxes their country charges them.

never miss a kettlebell workout again!


Back in 2020 when the world seemed to try to shut itself down, I began looking for new ways to enjoy the great outdoors with my passion for fitness. I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for a long time, and in the last decade or so I’ve fallen in love with kettlebell training. Chances are, if you’re reading this right now, you probably love training with them too! The efficiency of training with kettlebells as a busy husband, father, coach, and entrepreneur has changed my life. The incredible strength, power, overall fitness, and physique you can build in a fraction of the time with them is unparalleled.
I know I know, I’m preaching to the choir here.
I’m also a passionate outdoorsman. I love to be outside, so this is where my passions for kettlebells and the outdoors converged! But it didn’t take too long to realize that not having something convenient to carry my kettlebell in meant long suitcase carries and a kettlebell rolling around the floor of my truck breaking things. In other words, it was a pain in the butt to bring my kettlebell to all the places. So I got to thinking, “why isn’t there a backpack that can carry one of the bad boys!? I know I’m not the only kettlebell enthusiast that has this problem. I know If I hated:
  • Resorting to a lame hotel gym

  • Losing training momentum due to a work trip

  • Not having my kettlebell with to train in beautiful places

  • Having my kettlebell rolling around the floor of my truck

  • Not able to pack my kettlebell when flying somewhere.

Then I knew all my kettlebell slangin’ friends all across the country and world would hate that too! Just like a few of these kettlebell enthusiast across the country:

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Bill Esch – Nebraska

aka Kettlebell Warrior

The dopest backpack EVER!!!!!
I use this kettlebell backpack as my daily bag. Anytime I need to travel with my kettlebell, this backpack makes it so convenient. The kettlebells are strapped in tight enough that you can use this bag to train rucks in with different weights by just using different kettlebells. The backpack also has many compartments to hold all of your training gear and a kettlebell at the same time!

Derek Toshner – Wisconsin

aka TNT AdventureFit

Got a fantastic kettlebell training backpack from Well Built Kettlebells. I was a bit skeptical about how it would feel on a long carry, but did 45 min step-ups and this puppy felt great! There was literally zero shoulder pain.

Great backpack!

Sylvia Takada – Canada

Kettlebell Expert

I love being able to take my iron baby with me wherever I go and also use the kettlebell backpack to do weighted pullups and weighed crawling.

Bill Maeda – Hawaii

Human Movement Expert

I love using this backpack with my 20kg or 24kg kettlebell when I walk my two dogs. I get a great workout while simultaneously walking them.

Jessica Alvey – South Dakota

aka Sports Mom and Kettlebell Enthusiast

I’m able to carry on backpack that carries all the goods for three people, while of course being able to bring my kettlebell! This literally makes my life so much simpler. No more carrying 12 bags in….just one and done! Plus, I get a bonus workout in climbing the stairs in the hotel!

Eric Spector – Arizona

Kettlebell Outdoor Enthusiast

I like using the kettlebell backpack for the occasional weight walk, and I even just like using the backpack for regular backpack stuff because it’s sweet and has a ton of space for all my stuff.

Jodi Barrett

Kettlebell Coach & Gym Owner

I take this backpack and my kettlebell with me everywhere! It’s so convenient to be able to bring my favorite training tool with me, along with enough space to bring all my other regular gear for a trip.


    International customers are responsible for any duties/taxes that their countries impose.

    frequently asked questions

      1. What size kettlebell will the kettlebell backpack hold? A: The kettlebell backpack will hold sizes from 12kg (26lbs) – 28kg (62lbs) best, though it can hold larger (up to 40kg). We recommend staying within the 12kg – 28kg range.
      2. Does the Kettlebell Backpack fit competition kettlebells? A: Yes!
      3. Does the Kettlebell Backpack come in any other colors? A: No it does not currently come in any other colors.
      4. Is there room for other items when the backpack is holding a kettlebell? A: Yes, there’s plenty of room for more items. Check out this short video of everything I was able to fit into my own backpack.
      5. Is the kettlebell backpack comfortable? A: It’s very comfortable for the majority of uses. If you’re going for a marathon ruck, it may not be, but for what it’s designed for (to conveniently transport your kettlebell and go on shorter hikes and do outdoor workouts, it’s very comfortable.)
      6. How much does it cost to ship? A: It’s FREE if you live in the U.S.A.
      7. Do you ship internationally? A: Yes we do ship to a few select countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, & UK) and for other countries we can do custom orders. Send us an email or message us on instagram.

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