Well Built Kids: Warrior I


Train with Well Built Human’s founder’s son Brooks! During this 6-week digital (PDF) training program, introduce your kids to strength training, flexibility, discipline, and healthy eating habits.

  • Equipment needed: Kettlebell
  • Duration: 6 Weeks (42 days)
  • Training Frequency: 4-7 days/week
  • Program Focus: Strength, Coordination, Confidence, Healthy Eating Habits


Author: Brandon LaRue

Brandon is the owner of Well Built Kettlebells and Well Built Humans. He is also a former strength coach for the Chicago Cubs and has helped thousands of people from weekend warriors, hard core athletes, and even couch potatoes.

Get Started Info & Tips

This program is simple to follow and designed to introduce kids to 4 basic kettlebell strength exercises. The program is delivered in downloadable PDF format with video links to all the exercises for the warm-up and training program. This program is great for beginners of all ages, but designed for kids ages 7 and up. For beginners it builds a good foundation to build upon, and most importantly establishes the habit of daily exercise.

What You Need

A kettlebell and your body.

When to Train: Schedule and Rest

This 6 week program is designed to be done 5-7 days/week. This is to encourage kids to become consistent and disciplined with their fitness training. Be sure to perform the warm-up before every training session.