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Online Kettlebell Coaching

Efficient workouts (30 minutes or less), progressive in nature to ensure on-going results, become a well built human!

  • Equipment
  • Duration
    30min or Less
  • Trainer

Well Built Bootcamp

Come join the few, the brave, and the committed if your local.

Corporate Wellness Coaching

This is a fun, hands-on experience for organizations to help their teams and employees understand the power and efficiency of kettlebell training. In addition, the combined hands-on nutrition workshop that teaches the basics of nutrition truly empowers your people to be self-reliant with their wellness goals. This leads to a high return on investment for organizations.

Organizational Health Consultant

As a leadership consultant with Erik Van Alstine, a visionary leader with helping people, who make up your organization, see things in a very different light through Perceptual Intelligence ™ This leads to people having revelations about their colleagues, their responsibilities at work, and their mission as an organizational whole. This drastically decreases costly workplace drama, turnover, and improves performance amongst the people, and thus the organization. This approach is revolutionary. For every thousand hacking at the branches of organizational issues, there’s only on striking the root. We are root hackers.

Team Character Consulting

Positive male role modeling for young men is hard to come by. Individual and team chemistry leads to an amazing team experience and generally also leads to success on the field.

Nutrition/Supplement Coaching

Let’s uncomplicate this issue together and find a simple way to win in your busy life.