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Our Story

Don’t you wish someone would have sat you down and had a heart to heart about what really matters in being successful on and off the field?

I’ve often pondered, “I wish someone would have told me that when I was 16 years old.” Well that’s precisely what we’ve done with Well Built Teams Consulting. We are working with athletes and having real conversations about the things in life that really matter, and of course, we talk about how to be successful as a team on the field of play. This unique approach to developing athletes and teams leads success on and off the field. 

What does Well Built mean?

Being Well Built has little to do with one’s physique. Some of the most built people I’ve met in my life had some pretty unimpressive physiques; however, being strong and fit is important. Personal development, servant leadership, knowing your identity, valuing others, and being a great teammate are the attributes that define being “well built.” 

Brandon LaRue

Well Built Teams Core Values

Discipline = Freedom

Learn to become a slave to good habits.

faith & fun over fear

Great performance in any endeavor stems from having fun and a positive mindset about the future.

Attitude & Effort

Learn how to control the controllables, and not stress the rest.

Equal Value

Each person has been personally autographed by God. Learn to see others as your equal.

Want to Know More?

Let’s discuss your team and how we can work together to help it become WELL BUILT.