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Sioux Falls Power Hockey

“As I think about our season, the potential of our players and my goals as a coach; I am fired up. Brandon’s wisdom, time, and efforts are very welcomed. I want him involved all season long.”

– Noelle Needham

Summit Wrestling Academy

“Brandon brings high value as a passionate coach that wants to see your organization and people in it succeed. His nutrition concepts help a complex topic seem simple. In short, he empowers kids, adults, and all humans to become Well Built!”

– Coach Faust


“Brandon’s nutrition coaching was fantastic. He made it fun and simple and also made hand-outs that were branded to my business so I could better help my athletes and gym community.”

– Eriah Hayes

Ohio State University

“Brandon created an awesome continuing education lesson with an hour of tailored video education for our team at Ohio State University. We have 200 PTs, ATCs, and S&C coaches will learn and who knows how many patients will be helped?!

– Thank you from Buckeye Nation

Westonka Public Schools

The Well Built Humans Corporate Wellness program was far better than any other wellness initiatives I’ve experienced. Brandon truly spent time with us, educated us, and trained us in a manner that we would be equipped to become healthy and strong without him. 

– Thank you from Westonka Public Schools