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The Swagger Back Program
in Full Detail

6 Week Kettlebell Program for Home

While you may not have much experience with kettlebells, I promise you there’s a reason for why I choose them as the main training tool in the program. They are rather inexpensive, incredibly versatile, and don’t require hardly any room to use effectively. You will have an entire 6 week program laid out for you with video demonstrations and tutorials.

Get a custom meal plan that you create!

Part of the problem with living a healthy lifestyle and sticking with it is because no one ever taught you how. Sure, you may have done a program with some success before, but it was probably due to some restricted diet and hard workout plan. But did anyone take the time to help you understand how to create your own nutrition plan? You know, one that YOU will actually eat? Or did you ever learn how to lose fat and not just weight? Or how to keep and gain muscle while you strip the body fat? My point is, you’ll learn and be empowered through this program and be equipped with the principles that will work for the rest of your life.

Mindset Coaching and Daily Journaling Accountability

Every day you’ll take a few minutes to assess how your day went. You’ll get to celebrate the things you did well and evaluate the things that didn’t go so well so we can create strategies to get 1% better each day. This part of the process is so important and will continually remind you of WHY you started this in the first place. PURPOSE FUELS PASSION.

24/7 Access to Coach Brandon throughout the entire 6 week program.

I’m your go-to coach throughout this program, and hopefully well beyond, whether you continue to work with me in my world famous “kettlebell collective” or can simply be a resource for you down the road when you need to bend an expert’s ear. I’ll be here for you whenever you have a question and will be touching base with you frequently throughout the program. I will challenge you and enhance your mindset, I promise.


Program in Web and Mobile App Formats

Have all the resources (workouts, nutrition, and mindset lessons) at your fingertips whether you’re at your computer or just have your phone.

Private Community Support

Be part of an exclusive facebook community where you can ask questions and also get tips from other SWAGGER Back participants (past and present). 

15% off Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements are NOT required; however, we feel they are helpful for most people in a busy life. We have a very high quality brand in Well Built Supplements that we give you a 15% discount on any and all orders.

Results &

This program is tried and true. It works for all walks of life. It works for the post-menopausal woman, it works for the guy just graduating college having drunk to many beers for the past 4 years, and it works for the busy Mom and Dad. If there’s a niche we specialize in, it is busy parents who need to show their kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Wherever this finds you, it will work, so long as you do. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Just ask these folk below.

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